“I can attest to his ability to listen to his clients, attend to their needs and do so with a compassionate heart. He is thoughtful, accommodating, and responsive to the needs of those he serves. Anthony wants to offer his clients a comfortable setting, where they can find an hour or more of solitude. His peaceful demeanor reflects creating a space that leaves the client refreshed, relaxed and renewed.”

Massage Services

This massage is also known as a classic massage and is what most people think of when booking a massage. It is an oil massage that utilizes the masseuse’s hands to provide different levels of pressure to alleviate muscle tension.
Deep tissue massages are perfect for those looking for relief from the aches and pains caused by injuries, repetitive strain, scar tissue, pulled muscles, limited mobility, and more.
A myofascial release helps to ease the immobility and pain caused by tight or injured muscles and is a favorite with those going through physical and sports therapy.
Whether you are a serious athlete or just a weekend warrior, a sports massage is customized to provide you relief from the aches, pains, and overuse caused by your sport of choice.
I offer on-site massages at sporting events, special events, businesses, or in your home. Contact me for options tailor-made for your needs!


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